There’s a reason Arabic students from around the globe just can’t get enough of our books.

Reading resources for students of Levantine Arabic are in short supply, so this translation of the classic Sherlock Holmes tale, ‘The Hound of Baskerville’ is a welcome surprise. The side-by-side translation, combined with the crystal clear audio voice-over, is a fantastic resource for learners at any stage and provides a fun way to learn new words and phrases in a familiar context. I look forward to more stories!

Brett, New York City

The compilation of the first half of The Hound of The Baskervilles in colloquial Arabic is an essential resource for language learners who want to communicate more fluently. While the original story is in an older form of English, the meaning is captured and re-told in Aamiya (dialect) using the type of words people actually use to communicate in daily life. Other reading resources use Fusha, but this side-by-side text and audio helps the reader fully immerse in the story.  Rather than translating word for word, the Real Arabic Bookstore team has instead re-told the story in a way that offers the readers useful sentences and phrases without losing the meaning of the story. It offers a beautiful example and exercise for learners on how to translate complicated sentences and phrases from English into Arabic with commonly used words and phrases. It will be invaluable for learners who want to move beyond translating word for word. At times I even found the Arabic easier to follow along than the English story, which was a first for me on my learning journey! 

Grace, North Carolina